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Plant Paws™

Mini Paws™

clean and maintain indoor tropical plants with plant paws original size - for professional plantscape technicians
  • Used by professional Plantscapers world wide
  • Featured in the interiorscape magazine article entitled "1-Minute Maintenance" written by Linnaea Newman
  • Plant Paws can be used dry for dusting or wet for cleaning indoor plants and patio plants.
  • For really dirty indoor plants… place a couple drops of liquid hand soap on a wet paw, rub the wet paws together to spread the soap, then clean both sides of the leaf at the same time. Remember, bugs hide under the leaves and in crevices.
  • Plant Paws make quick work of washing and waxing cars!

  • Washing instructions:
    Wash Plant Paws in hot water. Bleach and degreasers can be used. Can be Machine dried. (will pill if washed with cotton)
  • Made in USA, Manufactured by Evergreen Interiors (619) 528-0119

Mega Paws™

Mega Paws Image Professional Larger Cleaning Mitt for Smooth Surfaces - Clean Decorative containers easier
  • Make quick work out of "BIG" jobs while protecting your hands
  • Great for wiping down any smooth surface - cleaning your decorative containers
  • Mega Paws™ are fantastic for washing cars also!

Paw Tips

Image of Plant Paw tips Closed end Mini Paws

For washing plants or any smooth surface. Just as versatile as mini Paws™, with one end closed to protect your finger tips.

Drip Catchers

Drip catchers make it easier to retrofit plants at jobsite with less mess great for quick plant replacement - protect your clients floor

Drip Catchers are tough, reusable black poly-backed throws. Sized for easy handling and quick replacements, these 36” by 30” vinyl backed absorbent pads are perfect for indoor plant installers and plantscape technicians who must protect surfaces from water and soil spills. Easily cleaned with a hose and hang to dry quickly – water wicks out just like capillary mat!

image of wick sub-irrigation in pothos container - instant sub-irrigation

2"X 30' Wick Rolls-
Line Drawing Wick Rolls - Quick Sub-irrigation for Professioal Plantscapers - Interior Landscapers Quick subirrigation!

Just insert wick end into root ball through the grow pot drainage hole, set pot on riser, leaving remaining wick in the bottom of the container. Add water through the grow pot. Also, wicks water out of saucers under exterior containers.

8.5 in. X 30 ft. Pre-cut Sponge Rolls

Image of Sponge Cloth Rolls

Sponge cloth pre-cut to fit into open plan containers.
* will yield 12 - 30" container liners or 15 - 24" container liners