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About Plant Paws

Dear Interiorscaper,
The entire Plant Paws product line was developed to make the Plantscape Technician’s job of caring for and cleaning plants less tedious.   Because Plant Paws make cleaning plants quicker and easier, there is less time and effort involved - so this necessary task will be done more regularly!

Plant Paws are professional looking

As such they are effective tools that enhance the clients impression of your technical staff.   Interiorscape Technicians who use “rags” or the other tools that janitors use... give the impression that they are just janitors.    

Plant Paws will save time

We all know that our technical staff must be detectives, designers, plant doctors,advisors, and green thumbs!  All this on a tight time schedule, no wonder cleaning doesn’t happen.  I hope my Plant Paws helps you and your staff make quick work of the tedious job of cleaning the plants and containers.

Please feel free to call me at:
(619) 528-0119 with questions.

You may also reach me by email at:

I invented these products to meet the needs of my staff... Let me know your special needs, I may be able to help.


Vicky Cate