Q: What inspired you to move from interiorscaper to product innovator?

A: Plant Paws were invented for my company … using sponges and socks or gloves did not look professional and took to long to clean a plant. I wanted something quicker that worked better and would not transfer bugs. Because of subirrigation , we had lots of scraps of the fabric laying around… so I made the first mitt an asked my tech’s to try it out. I was also Tech and found that I could clean plants faster and had less problems with spidermite when the mits were used. So we got rid of all the sponges and socks and used only the mitts. Peter Herrera who owned KPA products at that time saw the mitts at a conference where Linnaea Newman was teaching. She asked what I used and I told her and Plant Paws were born.

Q: How do you think your background in the industry helps you to develop products that really hit the mark?

A: I am an interiorscaper , so what we develop is in response to a specific need in my own company.

Q: How long did it take to get your first product to market? What were some of
the challenges you faced?

A: I had 4 months to get the sizes, pricing and have the first Mini paws made in time for the ALCA Show. Peter @ KPA products introduced them and got rave reviews. I then spend the next year refining the fabric and the manufacture. It is only marketed to the interiorscape market because they last too long for the retail market. This is one of the main reasons I like them… they get really ugly before they wear out.
Having the fabric be consistent is the biggest challenge and is still an adventure.
In what ways is your product (s) distinguished from others on the market?
Unique features?

Q: Do you plan to introduce any new products, or upgrades of your current product (s)?

A: Over the years we have introduced throws to help keep water from running across the floor when soggy plants are replaced. The “throws” also are used to cover items that cannot be moved when you service to protect then and shorten clean up. “Rounds” were made to satisfy the sponges lovers and still be bleach able and not degrade like cellulose. Then this is wick and precut rolls for quick and easy subirrigation. As a wick and a roll the product will last indefinitely… bleach if necessary to reuse.

Q: Any other key features of your product or your industry background to point out to our readers?

A: I am still an Interiorscaper, so I will always be looking for ways to do a better job faster and look professional all the time. I do not want to be mistaken for the janitor nor do I want my tech’s to feel they are not worth professional products. As an industry, we will be respected when we have the knowledge and look like we know what we are doing. We are in an image industry… client's are always looking even if we don’t notice.