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Plant Paws Products for Horticulture Technicians Plant Paws look professional and save time Plant Paws make it easy to Clean Both Sides of plant leaves Plant Paws Slip Over Wrist while plant horticulture technicians prune plants Plant Paws Wipe Decorative Containers Mega Paws are great for larger decorative container clean-up by interior plantscapers Mega Paws are great for cleaing cars too! Drip Catchers protect floors and carpets during plant installation, staging, and replacement by professional horticulturalists Drip Catchers work very well to protect vehicles while transporting plants, absorbing moisture on top with water-proof back. Drip Catchers will protect your clients floors and entry-ways saving plant horticulture technicians time. Drip Catchers save clean-up time when re-working foliage and flowering plant material

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Plant Paws™ Products are made by a professional Interiorscaper for professional Horticulturalists in the Interior Landscape trade.